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Our early childhood classroom is for children ages 3-5 in their preschool years. The children split their time each day between the outdoor classroom and their indoor classroom. Spending time outside enjoying nature and getting fresh air is an essential part of their day at Deep Roots. This dedicated time helps to foster in each child an appreciation for the natural world, with all of its wonder and beauty. The children have the opportunity to experience, and learn to embrace, all types of weather, all seasons, and all (well, most) temperatures. Lots of time is spent simply observing and investigating the change in the seasons, the frost or ice on the wood chips, the way the sun is casting shadows, and a host of other things. The children are developing their scientific minds as they question, hypothesize and predict. Creativity is displayed as the children enjoy unstructured, open-ended play with a variety of natural materials. Much joy and laughter is shared while swinging on the swings and in the hammock, and playing on the stage.


After ample time outside, the children transition inside, take off their outdoor clothing and put away their belongings. They continue their exploration and discovery during an uninterrupted time to work and play in the classroom. The children are able to move freely around the room choosing activities — on their own or with a friend. Activities are designed to help children gain independence, learn to respect and take care of the things in their environment, strengthen fine motor coordination and manual dexterity, and increase their capacity for concentration - following many steps in order. Math and language lessons are given one-on-one by the teachers. Concepts are taught in a concrete and engaging way, which makes learning applicable, relevant, and fun! Children invite each other to have snack, build with blocks, play a game, create art, or look at books in the library, among many other things. It is common to see students stop to observe each other’s work. They are always learning as they soak in everything in the prepared environment.

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