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"I feel so fortunate to have found Deep Roots School for my third daughter. She is thriving in every way possible. The teachers are true experts in their fields and are incredibly caring and supportive. The outdoor space is wonderful with lots of open-ended play options in a garden-like setting. Inside is also beautiful: pure zen and filled with inviting Montessori offerings. The balance of outdoor free play with the Montessori curriculum is developmentally appropriate and rare in NJ preschools. DRS is a gem of a school!"

  - Mary Clair 

"Deep Roots School has provided a nurturing, thoughtful and inspiring environment for our daughter. The teachers are creative and intentional about connecting the students to each other, the community and the environment. Our daughter's curiosity to explore, engage and learn has expanded and we are so thankful! 

  - Katherine A. 

“Deep Roots is a place where children get to be children in a world full of hope and possibility! Truly an outstanding group of people who love what they do with ever fiber! The thought and care behind each lesson, event, or activity is truly rare, and so beautiful to watch unfold. My child is filled with excitement before each day begins and joyously exhausted with all the wonders delivered to him throughout his day! This experience has been such a gift.”

  - Ellice G.

“All three of my children have had the privilege of attending Deep Roots School. They are all so incredibly different from one another and learn in their own unique ways. The teachers at Deep Roots have met each of them where they are at and helped them navigate their struggles in ways that are beyond amazing. They bring wonder and excitement to even the most menial tasks; and their love and passion for the students overflows in all they do. The school is community driven and the mixed age groups truly allows the children to build deep relationships, the older children caring for the younger children and the younger children looking up to the older children, which is invaluable. I have loved every aspect of the school and my children have too!”

  - Joy P.

“Deep Roots School is so much more than a school, it’s a community. I could never imagine a more nourishing, loving place to send my child. The teachers truly care for the children. The individualized learning style and attention to detail for each student is really special.”

  - Ester M.


"Sending our children to Deep Roots school for both preschool and kindergarten was one of the best decisions we've made as a family. We would never have done it any other way. From the moment we walked through the doors at Deep Roots, we knew that we had found a very special place. The teachers at Deep Roots are passionate and well-trained educators. They went above and beyond to create a collaborative, inclusive, and engaging learning experience for every child. They worked closely with us to understand our child's strengths and needs, and provided tailored support to help them reach their full potential. We also appreciated the open and frequent communications. Deep Roots offers a daily outdoor experience that cultivates the love for nature in our children. Also, there is a strong sense of community that extends beyond the classrooms and connected families. Our children thrived in this unique environment and we believe that the skills and values they learned at Deep Roots have become a strong foundation for their academic and personal journeys."

  - Sunny

"Our son has attended preschool at Deep Roots for two years now and we couldn’t be happier with our experience here. The staff at Deep Roots is fantastic and always so welcoming and easy to work with. They do such a fun mix of play and learning with the kids using a Montessori type curriculum and it was a great introduction in to school for him. He was speech and socially delayed growing up during Covid and after two years of going here you wouldn’t really know it. They are very family oriented and parents (and grandparents) are invited to get involved as they host a variety of very impressive activities through out the year which we always enjoy. Diana goes above and beyond with the planning for all of these events and it really shows! Our son has said many times he wants to stay at Deep Roots forever which in itself is a testament to how great this school is! This school really is a hidden gem in Morris county."

  - Kristin C.

"My daughter spent two wonderful, enriching years at Deep Roots School where she made so many friends and learned a great deal both academically and socially. The teachers and families at Deep Roots truly come together as a community and provide so much more than a nursery school. From family-style potluck cultural dinners and Halloween trunk or treats, to learning how to tap maple trees for syrup, the opportunities for fun and hands-on learning never stopped. Deep Roots helped my naturally reserved child feel comfortable and confident and I whole heartedly recommend it to my friends and family."

  - Tiffany U.


"We wanted a school setting that recognized our children as unique individuals and approached their learning goals through that lens. Deep Roots has truly done such and our children are thriving academically as a result. Not only does Deep Roots take the time to foster academic skills in a child-centric way, they also build a deep sense of community, responsibility, and purpose. We could not be happier with our experience at Deep Roots and have treasured the past two years we've spent here." 

  - Elizabeth B.


"Since before our kids were born, we knew that we didn’t want them in traditional school and were really invested in finding some kind of nature/outdoor schooling experience for them. Time spent outdoors, unstructured, in nature is an incredibly high priority for our family. We were so excited to see a flyer for Deep Roots in a local coffee shop and after our first visit to the school (when we spent hours talking with the teachers), we knew we wanted to send our kids. The Montessori-style learning is perfect for our five year old because he gets to work on tasks and concepts that are interesting to him. Every teacher knows his personality, moods, and preferences; they are kind, respectful, and incredibly caring. Our son has flourished at Deep Roots and is confident and brave in his learning. He loves the time outside in all weather, and frequently does not want to leave when we come to pick him up. He has told us several times how much he loves Deep Roots and wants to go there for “one hundred years”, and we can’t wait to see what he wants to learn next."

  - The Jacksons

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