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We are passionate about our students gaining a knowledge that, through research and experience, becomes their own. A knowledge that is deeply rooted lasts a lifetime. In the process of asking questions and searching for answers, children develop not only knowledge, but wisdom, discernment and deep understanding of what is right and true.

Our teaching philosophy is a unique blend of what we consider best educational practices. We have learned and utilized them during our collective years of experience. It incorporates three main components, each one inspired by a highly regarded alternative education model:

  • Deeply rooted in understanding ourselves and our relationship to those around us through expressions of art and creativity. (Reggio Emilia)​

  • Deeply rooted in understanding the natural world we inhabit through connection to nature. (Waldorf)

  • Deeply rooted in understanding concepts of math and reading through concrete experiences. (Montessori)


We use observation and documentation to follow and track each child's progress and development. These detailed notes allow us to determine when each individual child is ready to be introduced to a new concept or skill. 

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