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Both our indoor and outdoor classrooms are designed with intentionality and purpose. It is our desire that the children feel at home within these spaces, as well as inspired to create and investigate. The indoor classroom encompasses the following: an area to develop fine motor and practical life skills, a space to create art, a science discovery area, a peace rug (a dedicated place to listen to each other and resolve conflicts that arise throughout the day), a cozy reading corner, materials to strengthen math and reading/writing skills, geography and cultural shelves, a place to build and create small worlds with blocks and other materials, and a communal space in the center of the classroom to gather together for meals and stories.


Our outdoor classroom was designed to incorporate a performance stage, an outdoor mud kitchen, a sandbox, gardens, spaces to create art, swings, a hammock, and lots of room to run and play. Our outdoor classroom also extends beyond the fenced in playground to the natural spaces surrounding it. We take walks, search for bugs, observe weather and trees, watch for birds and other animals, and go on picnics. Our goal is to spend as much time in our outdoor classroom as in our indoor classroom.


We are committed to being conscious of the Earth, as well as connected to it, because we believe that nature…​

ignites wonder which leads to exploration, eventually making a way for wisdom.


promotes peace through learning to be still and calm.


encourages movement with ample open space to run and move freely.


fosters joy in the little things - a sunset, a rainbow after the rain, moss on a rock.


inspires creativity by its sheer beauty, variety of color, diversity, and complexity.


lends perspective with deeper understanding of our place in the much larger picture.


stimulates curiosity about the whole world, waiting to be explored and discovered.  

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