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Our summer camp runs for eight weeks in July and August. We intentionally pick an engaging theme to study throughout the summer, with each week focusing on a unique topic within that theme. Having one theme to focus on all summer allows for a cohesive learning experience, while the week-to-week variety provides flexibility for families, positioning students to engage with content fully, even if they do not attend consecutively/week after week.

Our curriculum during the summer is designed for children ages 3 – 13. We have many siblings enrolled in the program, adding to the family feel of what we do. The children are all together when outdoors and split into two groups while indoors – a preschool group and an elementary group. Each group engages with Montessori materials designed for their stage of development. The Montessori materials and the intentionally designed environments encourage students of all ages to review the concepts they have studied during the school year and build on that knowledge. It brings joy to see children review and learn literacy, math, social studies, geography, and science in authentic, student-centered, play-based ways.


It is important to note that the teachers that are with us during the year also teach during the summer. Our summer camp is designed with intention and facilitated by teachers with a wealth of experience and investment in child development, as well as the mission and vision of our program. In addition to working within an intentionally designed space with certified and trained teachers, our students have the joy of interacting with many special visitors throughout the summer. This past summer, highlights included visitors that brought special animals to us – reptiles, birds, mammals, etc. Having these visitors is another critical component to our program as they help us bring learning to life! 


"Deep Roots is a true gem. For the past two years, my children have had a Deep Roots summer camp experience that left them with lasting memories (and skills! My son can navigate trail blazes better than me!). The first year we only attended for 2 weeks, but my son thrived. He was immediately welcomed and felt like part of the community right away. He could not wait to go back to the following summer. The next year, both of my kids were able to attend the whole summer and it really was a magical experience. The Deep Roots team takes such thoughtful care with all the details of their program and approach. Their overarching summer theme offers depth of learning and experience that is rarely present in programs for this age group. My kids learned so much from this thoughtful, focused structure. They also thrived in the exceptional design and functionality of the program's low-transition schedule and its indoor and outdoor classroom setups. I especially liked the school's "peace table" approach to conflict resolution, and the fact that when my kids were excited about a certain topic or project, they were encouraged to dive deep and pursue it to its fullest extent. In our fast paced world, it is so rare to find a space and program that are truly designed with children's exploratory and play needs at its heart. All summer they were in kind and loving hands, in a respectful and educational environment, where they explored, got their hands dirty, made friends, and were supported in their individual growth. I can't recommend Deep Roots enough!!!!"

 - Diana M.

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