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This summer, we will embark on an unforgettable journey around the world! Each week, we will journey to a different continent. We will begin with an overview of the continent’s biomes and countries, and then continue on to explore the many things that make that continent unique. We will learn about a variety of cultures, languages, flavors, types of music & art, sports, and traditions that come from different regions in each continent. Throughout the summer, we’ll welcome visitors that will share with us about places in the world that they have lived or traveled to. There is so much to discover about this vast, beautiful planet we call home!

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Sign up for any or all of our 2024 summer weeks:

July 1 - July 3: Week One (3-day week)

July 8 - July 12 : Week Two

July 15 - July 19: Week Three

July 22 - July 26 : Week Four

July 29 - August 2: Week Five

August 5 - August 9 : Week Six

August 12 - August 16 : Week Seven

August 19 - August 23 : Week Eight





HALF DAY:  8:30 - 12:00

FULL DAY:  8:30 - 3:30

3 DAYS / WEEK:  Choose any 3 days

4 DAYS / WEEK:  Choose any 4 days

5 DAYS / WEEK:  Monday - Friday

See our Financial Commitment to understand how we view each family’s financial contribution as an investment in the Deep Roots community. During the summer, each family with full-time hours shall contribute 0.30% of their household income each week their child is enrolled. Families also have the option to pay a set annual amount. There are discounts given for multiple siblings in a family, as well as multiple weeks in attendance. 

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